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We are a Digital Marketing Company having strong digital marketing strategy that shall enhance branding, customer engagements, increase sales lead generation, reach new customer segments and our strength is Digital Ads and ThinkDigital.

Digital Ad Planet stands out as one stop Digital business brand solution, understands customer requirements with business intelligence, we do brand comprehensive digital intelligence that creates solution to help push such brand to Global economic grid and execute such solution.

ThinkDigital runs one of the widest networks of Internet Media in Central and Global INDIA. Our mission is to offer advertisers and marketers services that allow them to targettheir specific audiences in an effective way, while maximizing revenues for the Publishers who belong to the Thinkdigital Network.

Measurable, accountable,flexbile shows how many people noticed your ads and what percentage of clicks tovisit your website, the tracking tools makes it easy to see the actual sales generated as a direct result of your ads.

Insights around the clock

Customer can see, how effective are the ads at any point of time by logging in to your Google AdWords account. A monthly summary list of all the key stats and numbers thatmatter are sent to customer to save time.

Stop, start, pause, test

You can tweak your ads, try new search terms, pause your campaign and re-start whenever you like, for free – and all within Google AdWords.
Advertise locally or globally Target your ads to customers in certain countries, regions or cities – or within a set distance from your business or shop. Reach the right people at the right time

Your business gets found by people on Google precisely when they're searching for the things that you offer.

 Mission Statement

In today ‘s day  and  age , where  information  and  accessibility are the cornerstone forgrowth, where the internet and mobile technology  has  revolutionised the way  we work, think and live, we at “SeeGlobal.IN” welcome you  to  be a part of this Global , where we use the world class software and communication tools to eliminate the gap  between your business and the customer.

Our Focus

For organizations serious about being competitive in this digital-age, looking to either setup own functional digital marketing department or empower teams with practical digital skills, resources and tools that would make it possible for them to design, implement and monitor the organization digital marketing strategy.

We understand that to win you need the right strategy, process and people.

We welcome You To The Future Of Business

In today’s fast paced and busy life, everybody faces day to day problems or needs that require to be solved immediately. for which it requires CONTACTS and it is really difficult and time consuming for anyone to find the right contacts instantly and every time, there is a huge need for somebody to step up, provide that universal facility in developing and expanding hub like INDIA. That is where we step in! Our vision is to provide  an universal
medium, not only for effective advertisement but also to provide an easy to use information and contacts delivery system in matter of seconds !!

Putting your business / service into limelight!

We open new doors for the customers for the easy and instant accessibility to any and every kind of business, small or big, organisations, government or private institution in every field, under one roof, not just All in INDIA, but anywhere in the world. Highly trained and experienced executives and personnel at your “CUSTOMER OUTREACH CENTRE” (online information centre) will be displayed on the portal for any information regarding your business to the general public.

Our mission is to deliver the complete information of customer’s business comprising there name address, telephone (landlines and mobiles), email address and website at the fingertips of the customer via INSTANT   SMS and EMAIL, making it very easy and simple for the public..

Thus increase YOUR reach to the potential customers or the general public not just in INDIA, but anywhere in World or the Global. This is a platform where you can, not only advertise but also directly communicate to your customer base and keep them updated with your latest products , offers and schemes, also send your best wishes on festivals or events as a friendly gesture.

What Is Global



Potential consumers today are looking for businesses and services on all available platformslike internet, (mobile phones) ,SMS / E-mails,Facebook, Twitter,YouTube and Online yellow pages. This is where SEEGLOBAL.IN  COMES IN. Powerhouse Of Information & All one smart packge Solution

This is the most interesting part of our service, we at SEEGLOBAL.IN collect all the relevant details of the advertiser which include, the business address information, complete   search on web telephone, E-mail ids, Facebook, Twitter, website address and prepare a professional portfolio of business or service as the “BUSINESS PAGE” which will be hosted on our website SEEGLOBAL.IN that include the following.


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Digital Ad Planet stands out as one stop Digital business brand solution, understands customer requirements with business intelligence, we do brand comprehensive digital intelligence that creates solution to help push such brand to Global economic grid and execute such solution.